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How to establish PC connection with the Premium controller in the PL7 programming environment?

 The means for comm

How to establish PC connection with the Premium controller in the PL7 programming environment?

Published date: 16 July 2019

The means for communicating the Premium controller in PL 7 are as follows:
for the COM port with order numbers - TSXPCX1031; 
For the USB port, the converter and cable with zazyzny numbers are TSXCUSB485 and TSXCRJMD25 (cable), and also the cable previously released with the order number TSXPCX 3030 (currently not available) can be used With third-party cables, contact is not recommended because UNITELWAY (closed protocol) is used. 
The switch on the converter must be in the “0” position ( OTHER MULTI ) or in the “2” position. For TSXCUSB485 converter, the switch " PolarizationMust be in the OFF position For the TSXPCX1031 cable, the connection to the Premium controller can only be made to the “ TER ” port , since the +5 Volt converter power is taken from the Premium controller , other cables can be plugged into the “ TER ” or “ AUX ”. Note: the two ports " TER " and " AUX " have a single control and the first one is predominant. When programming, it is recommended to disconnect the other device (if there is a connection to “ AUX ”).
After installing the drivers, the first time you connect the cables, you must double confirm the driver installation (usually the drivers are not digitally signed). Cable 
for TSXPCX1031 COM port - it can be turned on when you turn on the computer right before Windows starts up 
the rest of the cables should be connected to the PC after loading Windows , as there may be a port lock. Some laptops block power supply via USB when running on battery power, and for TSXCUSB485 and TSXPCX 3030 converters, power to the converter comes from the USB port.
Before you connect the computer with the controller, we recommend checking the drivers and physical health of the controller port, cable and computer port. 
To implement cable and port checks, you must perform the following steps:
  1. Connect the cable to the PC and connect the cable to the controller
  2. Run the program "Control Panel"
  3. Go "System" on the "General" version must be " Professional " for XP must be SP 2 and above
  4. Go to the “Hardware” tab and then to the “Device Manager”
  5. Reservation of the virtual port occurs through the "Ports (COM and LPT )"
  6. When a cable is connected via USB , a port is reserved, for example, TSX USB COM 3)
  7. It is necessary to double-click the left mouse button to open the " TSX USB Properties COM 3)" at the bottom of "Device Use" - This device is used (enabled)
  8. Go to the "Port Parameter" tab and check the port parameters, they should be as follows:
    1. Speed ​​- 9600
    2. Data Bits - 8
    3. Parity - Odd (Odd)
    4. Start bits - 1
    5. Flow Control - No
  9. If you need to change the COM port number for this, go to "Advanced ..." and change the port number to be reserved (recommended from 3 to 9 COM port for USB )
  10. After setting the parameters, we recommend checking what is exposed. To check in the Device Manager, go to "Action" and perform "Update hardware configuration." The set parameters must comply with the parameters in paragraph 9.
  11. Log in to the Control Panel. Usually in the control panel there is a “ Drivers Manager ”.
  12. Enter the “ Drivers Manager ” or launch this program through the “Start” - “All Programs” - “ Modicon Telemecanique ” - “ Drivers Manager 
  13. After launching “Drivers Manager” , the “ Properties : SCHNEIDER Drivers management” window will open .
  14. Go to the “ UNITELWAY Driver ” tab and click “ Configuration ” (indicates the type of driver used above this button for XP - version 1.9 IE 20)
  15. The UNITELWAY Configuration window opens .
  16. You need to create a string using the button " Add Station ...", for example the name USB 485 - COM port
  17. If this cable is connected and the parameters and driver are set, then “ COM 3 ( TSXCUSB 485) [ ready ]” appears Below the parameters are set by silence " Base = 1" and " Numbers = 3", " Use modem " option is missing
  18. Go to the “ Line Parameters ” tab and set the same parameters as in paragraph 9, the option for silence USE ( present)   1 second and Use CTS (absent)
  19. Go to the next tab " Advanced ". In this tab, by default, the values ​​are set.
    1. Unitelway (installed); NumPLC (not available); Force Virtual Com Port (not available);
    2. Link Timeout       -1 (silently) (set 2 ONLY if the link fails)
    3. RX TX Delay       -1 (by default) (set 2 ONLY if communication fails)
ONLY for rare chips in laptops when implemented via USB
  1. In the window «Station Parameters» , press button OK. The window closes.
  2. In the open UNITELWAY Configuration window , go to another line and then return to the newly entered line. The Apply key should be active. You must click on the " Apply button This will reset the internal error window opens with the words « the Reset Unitelway Driver ...» and will automatically close the window and open the window « Unitelway the Configuration » with the message « Driver the Reset is the OK ». You need to confirm and click OK.
  1. THIS IS A POSSIBILITY TO RESET AN INTERNAL ERROR UNITELWAY !!! Another possibility to reset an internal error is to restart the computer.
  1. Close the UNITELWAY Configuration window In the open window "Properties: SCHNEIDER Drivers management " go to the tab " XWAY Test "
  2. In the Zone " Driver " set the following parameters:
    1. Name: UNITELWAY
    2. Driver instance : 1 (by default - do not change)
    3. Remote address : 0.254.0 (by default - do not change)
    4. Local address : not available for change
  3. Set the following parameters in the Request Zone :
    1. Type: MIRROR (3 octets) ( flip 3 bytes)
    2. Timeout ms ): 3000 (3 seconds by silence)
  4. Press the " Connect " button and the result will be the activation of the " Start button The backlight of the key name will be bright dark (in 3-5 seconds, depending on the computer)
  5. Press the " Start key The result will be the changing value of “ Request : # xxxxx ”, other parameters in the window will not be active.
  6. If “ Request : # xxxxx ” changes (with an increase) then the following components are fixed:
    1. Computer port
    2. Cable
    3. Port in the controller
    4. All drivers and settings are installed correctly.
  7. To terminate the connection, press the “ Stop ” button and then press the “ Disconnect ” button .
Communication with the controller using the programming environment PL 7.
  1. Run the PL7 program
  2. Without opening the project, select “ PLC ” in the command line and select “ Define PLC Address ...” from the drop-down menu The “ Define the address of the PLC ” window opens .
  3. Set parameters : Driver UNTLW01; Address SYS. Click OK
  4. It is necessary in the command line to select " PLC " and from the down drop-down menu, select " Connect "
  5. The “ Connect ” window will open with information about the project in the controller, then you should click YES
  6. The project will start downloading into the computer’s memory; after downloading, the project remains open and in touch. Under normal conditions, the “ Animate ” option is already set in the “ Utilities ” command line .
  7. You can enter the blocks and watch the performance of the program

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